January: Divorce Month

Divorce filings typically peak in January each year. Couples decide to wait until after the holidays, or postpone until the first of the year for tax reasons. Whatever the reason, it can mean serious changes in lifestyle and financial status.

In this article published January 31 on Morningstar Advisor.com, CFLGSD’s Justin A. Reckers, CFP, CDFA, AIF, director of financial planning at Pacific Wealth Management  and managing director of Pacific Divorce Management, LLC; and Robert A. Simon, Ph.D., forensic psychologist, trial consultant, expert witness, and alternative dispute resolution specialist offer sound advice to financial professionals to help them understand the emotions and thought processes going through a client’s mind when he or she seeks guidance as the result of a divorce. It’s advice anyone dealing with these circumstances can benefit from.

The advantage of collaborative divorce is that a financial professional is involved from the beginning and can help a couple work through the many difficult questions and decisions involved alongside attorneys and mental health professionals for a seamless, respectful process.

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