Collaborative Family Law Group of San Diego Featured on “San Diego Living”

Representatives of the Collaborative Family Law Group of San Diego appeared on “San Diego Living” on Monday, December 30 on San Diego 6 (CW6/XETV). Family law attorney Nancy Taylor, financial specialist Cinda Jones and psychologist/coach Dr. Robert Simon were interviewed by host Marc Bailey, who asked them to explain the collaborative divorce model and answer common questions that people might ask about the collaborative process.

You can view the entire informative interview at this link. Please feel free to share with others who might benefit from the information, or post to your own online pages.


Collaborative Divorce Discussed in new National Law Review Article

Collaborative divorce enjoyed visibility in this well-written article posted this month on the National Law Review website.

The article, titled “Do I Litigate, Mediate, or Collaborate on my Divorce?” is written by Richard A. Gray, a Virginia-based attorney. It offers a very basic overview explanation of the three approaches to divorce.

Members of the Collaborative Family Law Group of San Diego can provide you a more detailed, personalized discussion and answer your questions about the advantages of the Collaborative Divorce process. In the face of well-publicized Family Court budget cutbacks, more individuals and couples are exploring this option.

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Read the article here.

KPBS-TV Interview: Cuts to San Diego County Courts Are Affecting Families

Attorney Shawn Weber of Brave Weber & Mack and a member of CFLG San Diego appeared on KPBS Evening Edition with anchor Peggy Pico on Monday, December 3 for an interview about the impact of state court system budget cutbacks in the family law courts, and how individuals with family law matters could be affected. Weber encouraged people to give more consideration to seeking alternatives such as collaborative methods rather than pursuing matters in the courts. Please watch the interview here.

KPBS Radio Interview: San Diego County Court budget cuts will affect family law cases

CFLG San Diego member Shawn Weber, attorney with Brave, Weber & Mack, discussed Shawn Weber and Maureen Cavanaughthe impact of recent budget cutbacks to San Diego County’s family law courts on KPBS Radio’s “Midday Edition” with host Maureen Cavanaugh on Monday, December 3. Weber explained changes affecting court operations, and how this might negatively affect individuals with family law matters. Weber urged listeners to consider alternatives to going to court, such as collaborative law or mediation. Please listen to the interview at this link.