Financial Infidelity Can Lead To Divorce: Important Questions to Ask

Financial Infidelity and The Money Trap

“Keeping secrets about your financial past and your spending habits can do as much damage to your relationship as having an affair.”

Justin Reckers, CFP, of Pacific Divorce Management and CFLG San Diego member, was recently interviewed by about the effects of financial infidelity on a marriage. Justin lists some red flags and some important questions to ask your spouse about money, debt, spending habits and their financial past to avoid letting someone take advantage of you. Great advice for all of us! See it here.



A Legal Separation Is Not As Simple As Just Leaving The House

Moving out of the family residence may seem good enough to be considered separated, but it can end up being a costly mistake. Family law attorney and CFLG San Diego member Julia M. Garwood, CFLS, of Garwood Family Law has produced a helpful video presentation explaining why establishing a legal separation date protects you, whether you end up going through a formal divorce or deciding to reconcile. Watch it here.

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Domestic Violence Murders Increasing; Learn How To Protect Yourself

Domestic Violence Murders On The Increase

Domestic violence murders are on the rise in the United States in 2012.

In her column for Communities at Washington Times, CFLG San Diego member Myra Chack Fleischer, family law attorney, reports on a San Diego murder case in which a man killed his former girlfriend when she broke off the relationship. Domestic violence murders are up this year in many American cities. Many are triggered by a breakup or divorce. Read Myra’s advice here on how to protect yourself.





U-T TV Interview: Dr. Robert Simon on New Law Prohibiting Gay Aversion Therapy in California

CFLG San Diego member and psychologist Dr. Robert Simon talks with U-T TV afternoon host Taylor Baldwin about legislation recently signed into California law by Governor Jerry Brown prohibiting so-called “gay aversion therapy” for minors.

Dr. Simon explains why this therapy is ineffective and should not be used by mental health professionals.

See Dr. Simon’s interview here.